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Single Cartridge


Single Cartridge Filling Machines

Model: MFS MD 50P


  • Clear Polypropylene 5L

  • Steel coated reservoirs up to 40L with Stainless Steel Options

  • 960mL barrel cartridge reservoir

  • Suitable for low/high viscosity

  • Polyurethanes, Epoxy, Resins, Acrylics, Silicones, etc 

  • Applications:- Filling 1k and 2k cartridges, adding colour pigments to paint, filling syringes, catalyst dispensing, small shot dispensing, automation applications, medical, etc

  • Dispense lever operation or footswitch    

  • Adjustable set shot up to 80mL      

  • Air regulator/gauge for controlled flow rates

  • Dispense by set shot or by visual method

  • Shot counters available for multi-shot

  • Accurate and repeatable shots

  • Interchangeable cartridge mandrels






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