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Resin Injection


Resin Injection Machines

Model: MFS-GFH-80P


  • Reservoir Capacities up to 40L with Stainless Steel Options

  • Resin Mix Ratio Ranges 1:1 to 16:1 

  • Viscosity Ranges up to 500,000 cps

  • Polyurethanes, Epoxy, Resins, Acrylics, Silicones etc 

  • Mobile for Remote Injection Applications   

  • Adjustable set shot up to 160mL at 1:1 ratio 

  • Air regulator/gauge for controlled dispense rates

  • Dispense by set shot or by visual method

  • High Pressure Injection Capability

  • Accurate and repeatable shot with optional multi-shot counter

  • Pneumatically Powered and Controlled

  • Options:

  • Heated Reservoirs, Stirrers, Low Level Controls, Automatic Reservoir Re-charge, Transfer Pumps, Anti-Drip Cut Off Valves, Disposable Mixing Nozzles, Electronic PLC Control

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